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"Artists should Doodle more and Google less!" - Judi Betts


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Judi Betts AWS, NWS has attained an international reputation for her transparent watercolor paintings. Her paintings have won over 100 awards in major competitions i.e. The National Academy of Design, American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society and Watercolor USA. Paintings by Judi appear on national TV, wine labels (5 International Awards in label competition), CDs, DVDs and in over 35 books. Invitational exhibitions include State of the Art, Taiwan Art Education Institute, Federation of Canadian Artists, Walt Disney's EPCOT Center, Allied Artists of America at the Butler Institute, Pogan Galleries (CA), "Masters of Watercolor", and Selected Artists of the National Arts Club. Judi's paintings were selected to be exhibited in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Invitational Exhibitions of Contemporary International Water-Media Masters, sponsored by the Jiangsu Watercolor Research Institute in Nanjing, China. Another of her paintings was selected for inclusion in the Inaugural Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolor Biennial in Shanghai. Her work is included in the E Gene Crain Collection (Newport Beach, CA). Two of her paintings were selected for viewing when portions of the collection were displayed at the Oceanside (CA) Museum of Art. The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association featured CATTLE CALL on the June 2012 cover of their internationally circulated publication. Judi's painting, COALIE and JAKE, was selected by the Springfield Art Museum to receive their Purchase Award from WATERCOLOR USA'S 50th Anniversary Exhibition in 2011. Judi's painting FRESH START was selected to be exhibited in the 2009-2010 Exchange Exhibition between the Japan Watercolor Federation and Watercolor USA Honor Society. The exhibit was displayed in Tokyo in the Japanese National Art Center in April 2010. Senator and Mrs. Long commissioned Judi to paint the RUSSELL B LONG Federal Building and Court House for their private collection. Her painting of the Louisiana Old State Capital hung in the Rotunda of the Governor's Mansion during the Foster Administration. Judi's paintings are also in the Permanent Collections of the States of Arkansas and Louisiana, the New Orleans Museum of Art and the Springfield (MO) Art Museum.

Judi has received the Louisiana Governor's Award for Professional Artist, the state's most prestigious award; the Transparent Watercolor Society of America awarded her their "Master of Watercolor" designation. Judi was selected for a special award for "Contributions to the medium of Watercolor" by Watercolor USA Honor Society and in 2012 received their Lifetime Achievement Award, their highest honor. Judi is the author of the award winning books WATERCOLOR...Let's Think About It! (5th printing) and PAINTING...a QUEST toward XTRAORD!NARY (5 awards) and is also a contributor to many prominent art magazines. The ARTIST'S MAGAZINE selected Judi to be a juror for their 2002 International Art Competition which drew over 15,000 entries. She judged the Experimental Art Category. Over her career, she has been juror/judge for over 150 national/international and regional competitions. In 2009, she served on the Awards Jury for the American Watercolor Society's 142nd International Competition. More than 425 workshops have been presented by Judi; and she has given invitational sessions for watercolor societies in Norway, Puerto Rico, Sweden and Canada.

Judi is a signature member of the American and National Watercolor Societies. She also holds memberships in both the National and Salmagundi Art Clubs in New York City; and is listed in WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN ART. Her paintings are included in corporate, university, museum and private collections.

2017 Workshop Schedule

  • February 15-17, 2017

    New Orleans, LA

    Jefferson Art Guild

    Jan Wilken, 504-738-9318,

  • March 14-16

    Lake Charles, LA

    Renee Wood, 337-479-2110

  • April 9-11

    Traverse City, MI

    Michigan Watercolor Society

    Denise Booher, 810-240-9252,

  • June 7-10

    Boise, ID

    Idaho Watercolor Society, 1337 Cerramar Ct, Eagle, ID 83616

    Larry Boyd, 208-340-9577,

  • Sept 30 - Oct 7

    Tuscany, Italy

    Il Chiostro Inc, Tuscan Renaissance Center, Chianti Region

    Linda Mironti, 713-816-6187,

    More Info and Registration

  • October 17-20

    McComb, MS

    Susie Sanders, 601-248-1023,

  • November 4-11


    404 RAILSBACK RANCH, Black angus ranch near Stephenville

    Jackie Railsback, 817-657-8691, 2520 Norwood Dr, Hurst, TX 76054

Supply List

The following list of supplies is recommended. If you have been painting, you may use the tools with which you are comfortable.

  • Tube Watercolors:
    • Cadmium yellow light
    • Yellow ochre
    • Permanent yellow light
    • Aureolin yellow
    • Cadmium orange
    • Permanent red
    • English red light (Indian red)
    • Cadmium red light
    • Alizarin crimson
    • Genuine rose
    • Burnt sienna
    • Raw sienna
    • Viridian
    • Phthalo green
    • Cerulean blue
    • Cobalt blue
    • Permanent blue
    • Ivory black
    • Any additional colors you especially enjoy
    • Judi uses three triads:
      • Transparent: genuine rose, aureolin yellow, cobalt blue
      • Desert: english red light (indian red), yellow ochre (raw sienna), cerulean blue
      • Staining: permanent yellow light, permanent red, permanent blue
  • Brushes:
    • #6 or #8 Round
    • ½", 1", and 2" Flat
    • Judi designed an inexpensive, synthetic, double ended SHAPE-MAKER brush (round #8 and a flat 1") which she uses extensively. These brushes will be available at the workshop or see Products tab to order.
  • Watercolor paper: 140 pound d'Arches cold press
  • Tracing paper: 9"x12" or larger (a few sheets)
  • Sketch book
  • Palette: white, non-staining - with a good-sized mixing area
  • Colored pencils
  • Fine line permanent pens: i.e. Pigma pens in black and brown (additional colors if you wish)
  • Felt-tipped drawing pens: light gray, midtone gray, and black
  • Soft drawing pencil
  • Art eraser
  • Board-Easel: Judi uses a durable laminated board which is 18"x23".
  • Stool: small folding camp type for outdoors
  • Clips: large metal (to fasten paper to board)
  • Sponge: small, natural
  • Water container: unbreakable, short, wide-mouth
  • Small equipment box
  • Suggested Books

    See Products tab for details and ordering

    • Watercolor ... Let's Think About It!
    • Painting ... a Quest toward Xtraord!nary
    • Color-Sketch
    • See-Through! ... to Strong Design
    • To Stalk The Oomingmak ... An Artist's Arctic Journal
    • DVDs: Extraordinary Watercolors Series by Judi Betts
  • High Light, Judi Betts
  • Spot Light, Judi Betts
  • Light and Lace, Judi Betts
  • Sun Day, Judi Betts
  • Marine Star, Judi Betts
  • Seascape, Judi Betts
  • Left Behind, Judi Betts
  • Cattle Call, Judi Betts
  • The Big One, Judi Betts
  • Cowgirl, Judi Betts
  • Next Up, Judi Betts
  • Cowboy Corner, Judi Betts
  • Ciesta, Judi Betts
  • Hotel Van, Judi Betts
  • Shopping, Judi Betts
  • Cherries, Judi Betts

Orders can be placed via email or phone.     judibetts@att.net     225-926-4220

Payment by check/money order. Credit cards not accepted. Shipping costs vary depending on size of order and destination.

  • Bugle Boys, Judi Betts

    Bugle Boys


    20" x 27"

    15" x 21" image


  • Sea Prince, Judi Betts

    Sea Prince


    22" x 30"

    20" x 28" image


  • An American Dream, Judi Betts

    An American Dream


    25½" x 22"

    23½" x 18" image


  • Patio Party, Judi Betts

    Patio Party


    19" x 25"


  • Wagon, Judi Betts



    20½" x 20"

    18½" x 18" image


  • Group Therapy, Judi Betts

    Group Therapy


    15" x 18½"

    10½" x 14½" image


  • A Return to Elegance, Judi Betts

    A Return to Elegance


    25½" x 31½"

    20½" x 28" image


  • Two O'Clock Rock, Judi Betts

    Two O'Clock Rock


    25" x 30½"

    20½" x 28" image


  • Southern Serenade, Judi Betts

    Southern Serenade


    33½" x 24"


Orders can be placed via email or phone.     judibetts@att.net     225-926-4220

Payment by check/money order. Credit cards not accepted. Shipping costs vary depending on size of order and destination.

Shape-Maker double ended brush


A synthetic, double-ended brush designed by Judi, featuring a 1" flat and #7 round tip. Known for its "bounce".

Size: 12" long

Price: $22.00

Color-Sketch Rainbow

Color-Sketch Rainbow

A sketchbook recommended for watercolor, pencil and felt pen

This spiral bound sketchbook provides an exciting way to plan color dominance. Add new dimension to your sketches with this book featuring heavy weight pages with various textures. Also included are 3 small mats for editing and viewfinding. Color-Sketch Rainbow has a variety of pastel colored pages.

Size: 9" x 6"

Length: 60 pages

Price: $15.00

Color-Sketch White

Color-Sketch White

A sketchbook recommended for watercolor, pencil and felt pen

This spiral bound sketchbook provides an exciting way to plan color dominance. Add new dimension to your sketches with this book featuring heavy weight pages with various textures. Also included are 3 small mats for editing and viewfinding. Color-Sketch White has an assortment of off-white/gray/beige pages.

Size: 9" x 6"

Length: 60 pages

Price: $15.00

See Through ... to strong design

See Through! ... to strong design

This organized, easy to use, transparent overlay sketch system provides a three value approach to simplifying design problems. Included are 48 design sets and two examples.

Spiral Bound workbook

Size: 11" x 8½"

Length: 100 pages

Price: $18.00



A set of three acetate sheets, each in a different color gradation. They are used to show the effect of glazing. Lay one sheet on a dry watercolor painting or overlap them to produce more colors.

Size: 11" x 8½"

Price: $25.00

Painting A Quest Toward Xtraordinary

Painting ... A Quest Toward Xtraord!nary

Co-Authors Judi Betts and Charlotte Huntley

Winner of 5 Awards in international book competitions

The challenge of a serious painting adventure lies in discovering your creative competence and improving technical ability. In painting there are many different ways of seeing and doing. This book explores two approaches to painting creatively! Paintings that more than meet the eye. Paintings that excite your imagination, enrich your view, stimulate emotion and are painted from the heart.

Hard Cover

Size: 11" x 8½"

Length: 200 pages in full color, die cuts and foldout pages

Price: $47.00

Watercolor Let's Think About It

Watercolor ... Let's Think About It!

5th Printing

An award winning book about painting that is truly different - unique, provocative, and entertaining.
This book is about painting, but it's also about looking, a way of looking at our world. It's also a book about thinking, thinking about painting.

Soft cover

Size: 11" x 8½"

Length: 114 pages, 36 in color

Price: $25.00

To Stalk the Oomingmak

To Stalk the Oomingmack ... An Artist's Arctic Journal (Czajkowski)

Layout and design by Judi Betts

Sketching is so important ... This book is an excellent example of an artist/writer who does an outstanding job of sketching on location.

Hard Cover

Size: 8½" x 11"

Length: 112 pages

Price: $20.00

Louisiana Architecture

DVD Louisiana Architecture

Achieve new depth in watercolor along with Baton Rouge artist Judi Betts. Take a trip to the south and experience Louisiana architecture and colors as you follow along with Betts in her highly popular watercolor style. Learn the tricks of washes, as well as how to use low tones, mid tones, and high tones to bring your paintings to life!

Recommended for all skill levels

Length: 132 minutes

Price: $25.00

Louisiana Trucks

DVD Louisiana Trucks

Take a trip down to Baton Rouge with Judi Betts as she explores the rustic beauty of Louisiana. Using her process of layering, you will learn how to recreate her signature style and depth in your own watercolor paintings. Get a look at creating a complete landscape along with an old rusty truck, and some fun-loving goats!

Recommended for all skill levels

Length: 119 minutes

Price: $25.00

Louisiana Cowboys

DVD Louisiana Cowboys

Journey out west with professional watercolor artist Judi Betts. Known especially for her wash techniques, Judi will teach you the secrets of creating depth in watercolor. Get your paint and brushes ready, 'cause the rodeo is about to begin!

Recommended for all skill levels

Length: 84 minutes

Price: $25.00